Human Accent operates to either integrate the whole or offer the features as stand-alone offerings. Business is able to pick and choose what features they wish to engage and which elements of the features they prefer.

Why do we work here?

How do you define your business cause? The ‘why’ of your work? The vision? Every business has a culture that echoes its creed. Spoken or unspoken. How do you build your believers?
Defining an employee value proposition has 3 core components:

What is your value proposition to market?

What is your current culture?


Alignment of EVP with VP in the context of what works in the current culture.

Companies often spend huge amounts of time and money trying to institute a culture or change a culture but it is best to discover what is positive and working in an existing culture and maximize that. This is authentic and sustainable. The idea is to draw out what is positive and allow it to expand and diminish any negative cultural elements while driving the true vision and values of a business. The time of cookie cutter values is over. Businesses need to be who they are while knowing exactly why they exist.

  • Clearly articulated ‘why’ of work
  • Clearly defined vision
  • Pulse survey and analytics
  • Clearly defined EVP and Employer brand strategy (to include talent acquisition strategy)
  • Change management

How do you initiate the new humans? How quickly do they catch the heart, the pulse as well as the information? How do you make converts of your new hires?

Well-designed onboarding programs that are created in the context of EVP and take into account relevant knowledge transfer ensure that your initiates are converted and empowered to contribute as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Design and implementation of onboarding program to include skills matrix alignment with job profile


Source and implement digitization and/or gamification of the onboarding process if required

How do you establish care as an operative arm in the business – how does it lubricate the daily experience of work?

Health audit (physical, emotional, financial, social)
Implementation of wellness program and/or platform
Implementation of employee assistance program and/or platform

People may take the job for more money but often leave it for more recognition.

– Bob Nelson –

How do you recognize and reward? Is it aligned to your EVP? Does it create impetus for the cause?

Survey and analytics

Design and implementation of Learning and Development strategy (integrate learning with maximized BEE and SETA funding benefits)

Design and implementation of Talent Management strategy

Implementation ‘cafeteria model’ of rewards

Implementation ‘Recognition in the Workplace’ program/s

Remuneration benchmarking and recommendation

Do the humans in your business live beyond themselves? Did you know that happiness lasts longer after helping someone else?



Implementation philanthropic program aligned with EVP

Implement integrated BEE mechanism for CSI/equity (disability) and skills development

Are the humans connecting? Do they feel they can?

Disciplinary strategy that protects community and connection
Facilitation team builds executive to shop floor
Employee functions and events
Implementation of connection strategy across workflows
Implementation social media strategy if required
Design and development of relevant mobile application if required

The highest point of contribution is connection. What does contribution look like in your business?

Design and implementation of measurables

Job architecture with deliverables

Organizational design

Strategy for high performing teams

People analytics

Values based metrics

Employer Brand Management

  • Brand Personality & Positioning (target audience)
  • The Story: Content & Communication
  • Digital architecture & Candidate journey
  • Measurables


What will be your legacy?
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