It started with a walk through the factory. It was hot and the lady responded to my question, ‘what do you want from your work?’ with a sullen, ‘I want your office.’

My office…

Well… This was the first time I truly encountered the disconnect between contribution and expectation. Was it possible to create connection with the workforce and still maintain that contribution works both ways? That pay was not a right but earned. It was from there that I became passionate about establishing the quintessential balance of leadership: connection and contribution. Connect with those you lead by contributing to them and never compromise on expecting their contribution in return. Over an eight-year period I created an HR function within the business with the primary premise that HR in business would run on parallel tracks – profit and people.

In 2012, I implemented an end to end HRIS system within the business and knew that I had discovered a key tool in enabling the cause. Digitization. Visibility of people data. Social media. Access to data and sharing of information all used wisely built connection and measured contribution. A new level of innovation and creativity stirred inside and Human Accent was conceived.

Connect with those you lead by contributing to them and never compromise on expecting their contribution in return.

A short hop to Jozi and a leap of faith later and here we are! I have the HR experience – ten years of it – I have worked in a multi-national, multi-million rand manufacturer with the blue chip clients and hundreds of employees and the group portfolio (oh and don’t forget the office – by this time the only thing that had improved was I had windows that actually looked out onto blue sky…) but now…

I want to go further. Build more. Connect more. Build with business leaders in creating connected people communities that contribute in powerful ways. Build employees that know that being great is being the best version of themselves. Build Employer brands that burn in the minds of the markets they operate. Build  digitally insane platforms for workforce connection and people analytics.

Connect leaders to their people and people to their leaders. Build the highest form of contribution –   connection.


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