Global Perspective Covid19

Global Perspective Covid19 – International Monetary Fund

Let’s kick off with some global perspective. Feedback from the International Monetary Fund reflects on Covid19. General Outlook: Africa seems to be suppressing the curve so far. It looks like it might escape the worst of the pandemic, but will have to be cautious about it. Possibility of W Curve – i.e. There is a good chance of re-occurrence of the virus, which could see a possibility of…

True Power

What is true power?

The power equation:what is true power? Assess how you exercise power in society, family, work and in relation to yourself. I want to unpack this question. Now some may start with what true power is not, but like bank tellers learn what real money feels like by thumbing 100’s of bank notes so I would like to draw our attention to what it is, rather than what it…


Technology and the Digital Interface in the HR Space

Technology and the Digital Interface in the HR Space  There are waves of change and progression in various professions. HR has experienced the wave of personnel (or  record management) to people management. The wave of transactional to strategic HR. The wave of ‘The War on Talent’ and now the crest of a new wave: technology and digital interface within the HR space. What key areas are impacted by…


What is your cause?

WHAT IS YOUR CAUSE Knowing your cause is one of the quintessential pillars in building people community within your business. Simon Sinek states ‘people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it’. So why do you do what you do? What is you value? What is your value to market and what is your value proposition to your employees? How do you attract talent and motivate…


The Human Brand

THE HUMAN BRAND When it comes to building an Employer Brand the quintessential principle is value. Value in this context is a big word. It encapsulates the value the company brings to the market place, the value contribution to existing and future talent and the concept of reciprocity as that talent contributes back to business. Not only this, but the philanthropic value that a healthy organization provides to…

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